Sunday, June 24, 2007

First Things Last

The newly-restored badge for the radiator, posed on the top tank to be used for the rebuild.

Seeing this item could well be fitted in the last minutes of the last day of the restoration project, the timing is odd, but having it helps to add impetus to the whole thing. There's lots of work to do before we have a bus ready to receive a radiator, let alone a badge.
So the badge will spend some considerable time wrapped in tissue paper, soft cloth and a padded bag.
The shiny metallic bit is gold plate: we were told it would retain its sheen!

Back in the real world: work is beginning to tear up the lower deck floor, then the remaining frame will be cut off on the nearside to floor level so the chassis and running gear can get a thorough clean and paint. The new framing with all its gussets and rails will be clamped into place and welded up, and in no time we will have a new bottom deck frame.


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